April 27, 2006

Dear Mr. Crawford:

I wanted to communicate with you on matters pertaining to the handling of the estate of my late mother-in-law and pass my compliments to yourself and your staff on the excellent service rendered during the processing of these matters.

The difficulties began with the belief that my late mother-in-law had changed her will naming myself as executor of her estate.  This belief was held by all concerned and upon her passing we discovered her original will was the only will and still in effect relating to all requirements of the Province of British Columbia governing estate laws.

That original will named two sisters as co-executors.  One of those sisters was predeceased while the other was living in the United States.  Although this did not present any immediate problems, there had been no contact due to estrangement issues.  The expressed desire of the three surviving offspring was that I be named as administrator of the estate to honor the last expressed desires of my mother-in-law.

From obtaining renouncement from the sole surviving executor, obtaining the full co-operative agreement of the inheriting siblings to name myself as administrator, the necessary advice given to myself as a non-resident administrator, the advice given and handing of all estate matters including disposition of personal and estate effects, the advice given relating to disposition and sale of property, the obtaining agreement between inheriting siblings, all matters pertaining to distribution of the estate, all matters pertaining to federal and provincial tax filing for both personal and estate requirements along with the associated complexities for a non-resident administrator, I can only say thank you for your excellent professional and friendly help in moving through this maze.  I am very grateful that I had not only your professional advice but also the unbelievable assistance of Ms. Katarina Tagliafero, your paralegal, in her attention to detail and immediate response to all questions of process and procedure relating to these matters.  My heartfelt thanks to all involved in making this seem like a simple, straightforward, everyday process.  I do know that others on your staff were involved in this process so I would appreciate if you could extend my thanks and congratulations on a job well done.

Should you wish to use this letter as a testimony to the capabilities of your firm and the attention given to all the finer details associated with the processing of an estate, particularly one with foreign administration, please do so with my blessing.  I would be happy to confirm any questions through personal contact by either letter or phone contact should anyone so desire.

Yours truly,

Donald A. Zielke

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