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Separation and/or divorce are extremely stressful and life changing events. When children, marital assets and support obligations are involved, the need for expert advice is critical – as is the need for a representative who understands and effectively supports your ethics and objectives.

  • Support and advice during marriage breakdown
  • Representation for individuals
  • Asset protection
  • Custody and guardianship
  • Preparation of marriage, separation and child maintenance agreements
Support and Advice During Marriage Breakdown
At a time when you are at your most vulnerable you also need to be ready to make a bewildering array of decisions. One of your first decisions is whether or not to negotiate, mediate or litigate?

Representation for Individuals
Is spousal support payable? Lump sum or monthly payments? How much and for how long? What is the impact of divorce on estate planning?

Asset Protection
Do you need a court order to freeze certain assets such as bank accounts or real estate? How should the division of family assets be structured? Should certain assets be excluded?

Custody and Guardianship
What custody, guardianship and access regime is in the child’s best interest? How do the Child Support Guidelines apply to your case? Are there special circumstances?

Preparation of Marriage, Separation and Child Maintenance Agreements
Well drafted agreements will reflect your circumstances, consider the needs of the individuals, and reduce the potential for future disagreement or litigation.

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