Set your own course – Each life stage has new needs

Munro & Crawford Trust & Estate Services offers a complete range of evolving services for your personal and financial needs as you age. Our experienced principals can act on your behalf in meeting changing needs and facilitating your wishes for your estate. All clients are welcome in the Munro & Crawford Trust & Estate practice – regardless of level of wealth or health. There is no requirement to move investments or savings from where they are currently placed.

We offer support across a complete spectrum of needs for seniors and their families – from sophisticated legal advice to essential daily activities like activities like facilitating the payment of bills to manage household finances, organizing the yard work, or engaging companion services.

Elder Care Trust & Estate Services include:

  • Financial Management
  • Home Management
  • Health and Companionship
  • Legal Services

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Trustee Services

Trustees are obligated to ensure the trust assets are protected, proper accounts are kept, and beneficiaries are looked after properly.

Power Of Attorney

The purpose of establishing a Power of Attorney is to have a person authorized to act on your behalf to help you manage your assets while you are alive. Munro & Crawford Trust & Estate Services provides oversight to help people to age gracefully at home. If a person becomes physically or mentally incapable of managing their assets we can act for them without the need for a Committee Order from the courts.

We can act as your Power of Attorney if you become incapable, or in the interests of minors, when suitable family members are not available.

Services In Vancouver For Estate Executors Or Administrators

People often appoint their spouse, child, sibling or close family member to be their Executor, trusting these individuals to act in their best interests and ensure that their wishes are carried out. An executor is responsible for settling an estate according to the deceased’s wishes. It is not an easy job – especially while grieving.

Munro & Crawford Trust & Estate Services can act as:

Sole Executor – Named alone in your will to act independently to carry out your wishes.

Co-Executor – Acting in concert with the person you feel has the insight and personal understanding of your situation.

Alternative Executor – Able to step in should your initial executor be unwilling or unable to fulfill his or her responsibilities.

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