Buying, selling or mortgaging a home is often the largest financial transaction of your life. Ensure your interests are protected; tax and title searches need to be completed before closing, and the necessary transfer of title and mortgage documents or discharges need to be properly filed at the Land Titles Office.

  • Expertise and sound advice
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Expertise And Sound Advice

Professional advice and help in real estate matters is good business, increases the likelihood of a successful transaction and can significantly reduce stress.


Vancouver Residential Real Estate Lawyer

Munro & Crawford ensures that all necessary documentation is filed in a timely and conforming fashion, including title transfers and other documents, tax and title searches are complete. All sale proceeds and mortgage funds are properly received and disbursed appropriately. If you are in need of a quality & professional Vancouver residential real estate lawyer, contact us today!


Co-operative Real Estate

Real estate transactions for apartment co-operative units have specialized requirements. Munro & Crawford has been practicing in this area longer than any other firm in the region and offers a unique combination of expertise and experience with the documentation and process required for this form of apartment purchase.


Recreational Real Estate

With the acquisition of recreational real estate comes additional estate planning, consideration for changes in marital status, and tax planning.


Vancouver Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

Commercial real estate transactions in today’s competitive and demanding business market are complex and multi-faceted. Ensure your interests are protected and that your transactions close properly and on time.

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When should I see my lawyer when I want to buy or sell my property?
AWhen buying a property, it’s a good idea to have a lawyer examine the legal title before you enter a binding agreement to purchase the property. For example, if the reason you like a particular property is that it has a large backyard and you want to build a swimming pool, your lawyer will be able to check if there are any restrictions on swimming pools contained in ‘restrictive covenants’ or ‘easements’ registered on title. If you sign the contract to buy the property before checking title, and find out later on that you can’t build a swimming pool, you may not be able to get out of the contract.
When selling a property, it’s a good idea to have a lawyer examine legal title to your home at the time you sign your listing agreement with your realtor. Mortgages are not automatically discharged from title when they are paid off, and we occasionally find that a mortgage that was paid off over a decade ago will still be registered on title. It can be difficult to get these old mortgages discharged from title if the lender has died or cannot be found. Your lawyer will need time to address these types of issues, and finding them out at the last minute can cause a deal to collapse.

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