It is a good idea to plan for future possibilities regarding your health, and this includes planning for a potential situation in which you are incapable of making a decision regarding your own health or wellbeing, such as if you are unconscious or not mentally sound.

It is important to choose someone whose judgement you trust and to speak to them in advance about what decisions you would want made in various scenarios. You should also make sure that the person you choose feels comfortable with the responsibility of carrying out such decisions on your behalf, should the need arise.

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Representation Agreements

A representation agreement is a legal document used to plan for possible future incapacity. With a representation agreement, a person can name someone to be able to make certain decisions on their behalf, should they be incapable of doing so for themself at any point in the future.


Advance Directives

An advance directive allows a capable adult to appoint someone with the power to make medical decisions for the person in question if they become unable to make these decisions for themselves due to health reasons. For example, if someone were to fall into a coma, an advance directive would empower a person chosen by the incapacitated person in advance to make any healthcare decisions on their behalf.

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For low-income individuals who wish to plan for the future, Nidus is a non-profit organization that provides incapacity planning services at a very low rate to those who need it.

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