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Probate & Estate Administration

Probate and Estate Lawyers

Estate administration covers a wide range of activities including:

  • Meeting with the executor(s)
  • Obtaining a comprehensive list of the assets of the deceased
  • Contacting all beneficiaries
  • Preparing the necessary court application
  • Post-probate matters:
  • Gathering in assets (collecting money on deposit in bank accounts, liquidating investments, disposing of real estate, etc.)
  • Arranging with accountants to prepare and file the necessary income tax returns
  • Providing on-going advice to the executor(s)

With guidance from a Munro & Crawford lawyer, the administration process is straightforward, and complications are avoided.

Probate Lawyers


Probate means to prove. It is a legal process by which a will is proved valid or invalid; and is always required if the estate contains real estate, bank accounts or other financial instruments with a value of $25,000 or more. Munro & Crawford supports the executor through all aspects of the probate process, and as importantly, the post-probate process. Post-probate matters can be complex and include such things as: collecting money on deposit in bank accounts, converting investments into cash, selling real estate and arranging for the preparation and filing of income tax returns.

Estate and Trust Lawyers

Estate and Trust Administration

The wishes of each deceased person as expressed in their will and the needs of each family are unique. Munro & Crawford provides personalized support to each executor on a diverse range of estate related matters. This support extends beyond traditional advice and assistance to help with planning for beneficiaries or wards with disabilities and special needs, guardianship for minors and adults, disposal of unique assets such as jewellery, coins and gold, and support for charities. Acting as a single point of contact, Munro & Crawford will compile a comprehensive list of assets of the deceased, locate and contact all beneficiaries, prepare the necessary court application, ensure preparation of the necessary income tax returns and coordinate real estate and financial transactions as required. Counsel is also provided in situations when there is no will or the executor is unable or unwilling to act, and for foreign wills when the deceased was living outside of Canada but had assets in Canada.

What our clients say

[Munro & Crawford] honored my grieving process while at the same time taking care of matters and guiding me through the myriad things that needed doing. Over the last year and a half I have experienced a sense of easy access, guidance, cooperation and care, far different than what I might have expected from a legal process. Further, I felt trusted and this made it is easy to trust them; they understand, respond to, and live integrity … and I will highly recommend them should there be occasion. Pille Bunnell
My family has known, relied and trusted Mr. Peter Crawford’s law firm Munro & Crawford for our legal needs ranging from corporate, real estate and family law for over forty (40) years. The service provided has consistently been personable, practical and professional. More importantly, the performance has constantly been prompt, proficient and productive. I would highly recommend Mr. Crawford and his legal team to anyone who desire to obtain such quality service and results. Peter Tioco
My uncle, who lived in Vancouver, passed away in August 2012. I was the executor of his estate but I live in San Francisco. I needed someone who was local, knowledgeable, and trustworthy to help me and my family. Fortunately, we found our way to Munro and Crawford. They turned what could easily have been a very stressful situation into a manageable project … On multiple occasions they went beyond the call of duty to help my family through this difficult time. I have found their work to be the perfect combination of professional mixed in with a personal touch. Andy Chan (estate file)
Peter and Katarina have been working with me through trying times, helping me not only with their expertise and efficiency, but also with a warm, personal touch, which goes well beyond the call of duty. With their assistance, a complex and unfamiliar situation has become manageable. Pablo Restrepo
I have known Peter for many years and we have done a great deal of work together on clients who required complex [Canadian income tax structures] to achieve their goals, and others who needed our services to assist in divesting all or a part of their business, or to make an acquisition. Peter is able to adapt his skills to deal large multi-million dollar transactions as well as much smaller ones. George Battye, Chartered Accountant
[Munro & Crawford] have advised us on so many things over the years both large and small. No matter the size of the problem [Munro & Crawford] were always there with calm and sensible advice. Resolving all manner of things – both business and personal. Allen and Russet MacKay


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