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Will Considerations for Blended Families

In blended families where two people in a couple may each have children from previous marriages and/or have children together, asset distribution after death can be somewhat complex. 

What Happens to My Blended Family if I Die Without a Will?

It is highly recommended that those with blended families have a will created with the help of a lawyer to ensure that children from previous relationships are given the inheritance you wish them to have. 

Choosing the Right Executor

It is important to appoint an executor who understands your wishes and is willing and able to carry them out. In a blended family situation where there is tension, the executor may be required to navigate some challenging family dynamics. For this reason, many people with blended families choose to appoint a third-party in the form of a lawyer to be their executor. This can help to keep matters neutral and reduce the amount of family tension surrounding the distribution of your assets.  

Munro & Crawford Estate Executor Services

If you would like a lawyer’s help with executor services, our experienced professionals can act as:

  • Sole Executor – Named as the only executor in your will to act independently to carry out your wishes.
  • Co-Executor – Acting in tandem as executor with another co-executor who you feel has the appropriate personal understanding and insight into your situation.
  • Alternative Executor – Able to step in should your initial executor be unwilling or unable to fulfill the role.

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