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Do you have more than one version of your will? It is important to fully understand what would happen if you left behind more than one version of your will, and how to avoid any confusion.

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Why Would There Be Multiple Wills?

If someone has made changes to their will, there may be an updated and an old version (or versions) of the will left behind. This can make it difficult to know which document reflects the deceased’s wishes most accurately at the time of their death, and often leads to disputes.

Which Will is Honoured?

The Courts generally honour the most recent will, but it is possible that other factors may make the most recent will less credible, such as if there is evidence that the deceased was not in a reasonable state of mind to create the will when they did. In some instances, a family member may choose to contest the will, which is often a lengthy and stressful process that may lead to family disputes.

When there are multiple wills left behind, it is impossible to be certain which one the deceased intended to be honoured, which can leave family members uncertain, unhappy, and/or in conflict with one another.

How to Avoid This Problem

It is a good idea to make sure that you will not be leaving multiple contradictory wills behind by working with a lawyer to create your will. You should also get legal assistance every time you want to make a change to your will. This ensures that your amendments are made officially and will be considered a legal part of your will.

If you are interested in updating your will or have any other questions or concerns about your estate plan, get in touch with the legal team at Munro & Crawford today.

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