Why Advance Care Planning is Important to Think About Now

Our firm recommends that everyone set up an advance care plan. Here is why you should start thinking about advance care planning now.

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It Helps You Determine Your Wishes

Making an advanced care plan forces you to sit down and really think about what you would want in the event of a tragedy or life-altering accident. This can make you feel more prepared for the uncertainties of the future as well as get to know your own values better.


You Can’t Predict the Future

Many people think that they do not need to make an advance care plan yet because they are young, healthy, and have a low-risk lifestyle, but everyone should have an advance care plan in place. You cannot know what the future brings, but you can prepare for different possibilities and rest assured that, should something unexpected happen, you have a plan in place to ensure that decisions are made the way you want them to be.


Peace of Mind for You & Your Loved Ones

Having an advance care plan in place gives you the peace of mind of knowing what will happen in the event of a major accident, serious illness, or other tragedy. It also gives your family and loved ones a sense of security. This can help assuage feelings of anxiety in the face of uncertainty and help you and your family feel more stable in terms of the future.


How to Set Up an Advance Care Plan

If you are ready to set up your advance care plan, contact our firm today. Our lawyers at Munro & Crawford have years of experience creating advance care plans that put our clients’ wellbeing first. We will work with you to determine your options and ensure that your wishes are fulfilled should you become seriously ill or injured and unable to make your own decisions regarding medical procedures and care.


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